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Collaborative Law

This is a new, and highly successful, approach to resolving issues arising from separation.

Clients, and their advisors embark on a series of meetings together. The purpose is to identify, address and resolve outstanding issues with the aim of mapping out a fair agreement. If required, other professionals may be invited to attend these meetings to provide assistance such as accountants or independent financial advisors.

At the start of the process, clients and their family lawyers agree to resolve their issues and reach a settlement without going to court. Instead, the parties agree to work through family and financial difficulties together. Each party appoints their own collaboratively trained lawyer at the outset.

Here at Jones Myers we have collaboratively trained lawyers who are committed and experienced in this approach.

Clients who have resolved issues with their partners using the collaborative process have found the benefits immense. People feel more in control over their future and benefit from improved levels of communication with their partners. Agreements are reached quicker and more creatively than those imposed by the court process.For more information concerning the collaborative family law process please contact Richard Peaker or Norman Taylor.

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