By Polly Coram, solicitor
The fundamental basis of any will is that a person has a right to leave what they want, to who they want. If a person dies without leaving a Will, then they are ‘intestate’ and their estate is distributed under the Intestacy Rules.

However, in our experience with will and trust disputes, it is increasingly common for beneficiaries, and those left without any provision, to challenge the inheritance they have (or have not) been provided with. There are a number of ways in which they are able to do this and a brief summary is below. (more…)

By Polly Coram, solicitor

Our Contentious Trusts & Estates, team, headed by Laura Short, solely practices in this area.

The words “Contentious Trusts & Estates” can seem a daunting title at first – but our role is simple: we are here to help with all contentious issues that spiral from a death or the existence of a trust. We will guide you through the process to find the solution which best suits you and your situation. (more…)

A recent survey, which reported that cohabiting couples mistakenly believe they would automatically have rights to their partner’s pension on their death, reinforces the misunderstanding and confusion which still prevails.

Most pension companies will not pay out to cohabiting partners upon death – particularly occupational schemes. However there are some limited circumstances where the pension arrangement, with the agreement of the partner, can make a provision. (more…)

Polly Coram, solicitor with Jones Myers wills and trust department

To minimise legal costs, many parents who want to leave their estate to their children entrust its administration to friends and family instead of appointing a legal advisor.

A question we are frequently asked is, what will happen to the inheritance if a child passes away before the parent?    (more…)

By Polly Coram, solicitor with Jones Myers wills and trust department

We see an increase in people turning to us for help in the early months of the year. Sadly, elderly relatives sometimes hold on to share a last Christmas with their loved ones, before passing away. Unfortunately, some of these estates will run into problems, and it is then that our advice and support can be of most value.   (more…)


By Liz Bell, solicitor

Following on from our earlier blog, which highlighted how a high percentage of cohabiting couples wrongly believe that they have legal protection when their relationship breaks down, we answer more of your most commonly asked questions.


It’s celebration time as we mark 25 years as a niche family law practice which continues to go from strength to strength.


Jones Myers team


Our highly experienced team at Jones Myers has opened a new office at Windsor House, Cornwall Road in Harrogate as we mark our 25-year anniversary.

The milestone for our specialist family law firm, which operates out of Leeds and London, is to accommodate an increase in instructions from our clients in North Yorkshire.

The move has been widely featured across print and broadcast media including The Yorkshire Post, The BusinessDesk, BusinessLink, Bdaily, the Harrogate Advertiser and Stray FM.

2017 has been a formative year for our practice, which was founded in Leeds by Peter Jones – one of the country’s leading family lawyers and a former national chairman of Resolution.

We are consistently ranked in a joint Top Tier position by the Legal 500 and Chambers guides for Leeds, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire.

Chambers 2018 describes us as, “A very strong firm – not just in finance but also in children cases.” It adds, “Expertise in dealing with financial remedy nuptial cases adds depth to their practice.”

The latest edition of the highly respected Legal 500 guide describes Jones Myers as “a family practice that is one of the best in the area” and attracts praise for our “sensible, expert, conciliatory advice that does what it says on the tin.”

Our clients are based regionally, nationally and internationally, and we have earned an enviable reputation working exclusively in divorce, separation, complex financial disputes, children issues and contested wills and estates.

Our team of experts, which include a Deputy District Judge, an experienced mediator, a family law arbitrator and our own in-house barrister, jointly combine 250 years of legal experience.

Our move to Harrogate follows the recent expansion of our highly respected children’s department who are regarded as leading experts in issues of residence, contact, relocation, child protection and international child abduction.

Peter Jones said: “The services we provide at our Harrogate office complement those at our Leeds and London locations. We are proud to be recognised as lawyers who look for solutions to problems and are acknowledged for supporting families and children. We advise and guide where possible on options which can avoid conflict and unnecessary costs.

“A big ‘thank you’ to our valued and talented team in what is a momentous year for the firm.”

For more information about any aspect of divorce or family law, call Jones Myers at our Leeds office on 0113 246 0055, our Harrogate office on 01423 276104, visit, email or tweet us @helpwithdivorce

By Liz Bell, solicitor

Cohabiting couple families remain the fastest growing relationship in the UK, but many mistakenly believe that they have the same legal rights as married couples in critical areas such as savings, income, pensions or business interests.


Milestone expansion: our new office will be based at Windsor House.

Having worked with divorcing and separating couples for many years, as a firm we understand that it is no cliché to describe the process as one of the most stressful in life – up there with bereavement and moving home.

Jones Myers’ new office in Harrogate will enable us to help more clients who are undergoing relationship breakdowns and seeking assistance with issues relating to children, finances and future planning.