Our skilled Leeds, Harrogate and London based specialists deal with all contentious wills, trusts and estates disputes. These can arise during the period when the executors (trustees) and administrators are trying to carry out the will maker’s wishes – or following the Rules of Intestacy where no will exists.

We advise not only the executors (trustees) and administrators, but also beneficiaries who have concerns about the management and distribution of an estate. Delays and disagreements occur in a number of ways, such as when the executors/administrators have fallen out between themselves over the next step in the administration process.

We also advise beneficiaries who are alleging the estate has been mismanaged, causing financial loss to some or all of the beneficiaries. We are likewise experienced in addressing complaints that the executors may have abused their position as estate administrators for personal gain. For example, by either obtaining assets below their market price or perhaps distributing estate assets unfairly and/or improperly.

How Jones Myers can help

We assist and guide both trustees with their legal duties and also beneficiaries who have concerns about the management of the estate.

If you are in this situation, we can apply to the court on your behalf to remove either a professional executor/administrator or one who is a family member, even before steps are taken to administer the estate.

Whilst a court application can be made, increasingly we help resolve disagreements via alternative dispute resolution and methods such as mediation. Our success rate for mediations is extremely high, with almost 90% leading to an agreement (from a sample of over 100). Our bespoke service provides clear advice and guides you at every stage of the process.

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