Our skilled Leeds, Harrogate and London based specialists are experts in wills, trusts and estates disputes.

Very often, trusts created within families – either in life or in the terms of a will – span a number of generations of that family. This means that any disputes and problems are serious and far-reaching.

Being a trustee of a trust is a serious responsibility that carries with it a number of legal duties, which must be fulfilled properly. The court takes a dim view of any trustee who fails to act in an appropriate manner when carrying out these responsibilities.

How Jones Myers can help

We assist and guide trustees with their wide-ranging legal duties. We also advise beneficiaries who are concerned about how the deceased’s estate is being managed or distributed. In cases where the court’s help may be required, we advise and guide you throughout the process.

Our team of experts is committed to help you achieve a constructive settlement. This approach helps to avoid protracted arguments – promoting co-operation between all the parties. Increasingly, we help resolve disagreements via alternative dispute resolution and methods, such as mediation.

Our success rate for mediations is extremely high, with almost 90% leading to an agreement (from a sample of over 100). Because we understand that every case is different, our experts deliver a bespoke service tailored to your circumstances.

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