Our skilled Leeds, Harrogate and London based specialists deal with all contentious wills, trusts and estates issues.

There are several different types of will disputes but in the main, they relate to the validity or otherwise of a particular will or group of wills. A will is presumed to be valid if it appears to comply with the necessary legal requirements. However if it does not, it can be declared invalid.

Even if a will appears to be valid on the surface, there are a number of claims, which can be brought to challenge the validity in other ways.

How Jones Myers can help

We can provide you with clear advice and assistance on challenging the validity of a will – for example, if all the legal requirements were not met at the time the will was made. Cases can include whether it was signed and witnessed properly or claims of mental incapacity of the will maker. Or, you may have concerns that other people have exerted undue influence on the will maker or you may be alleging fraud or forgery.

Our team of experts can also advise you on wills which have been revoked by subsequent marriages, situations where a will has been revoked due to destruction and where the wording of the will is unclear. This is a highly specialist area and our guidance includes careful consideration of the merits of each claim, how they interrelate and, very importantly, the effects of a challenge being successful. Our advice and support also covers how challenging the validity of the will could impact on the beneficiaries, who may include your family members.

Recognising and understanding the sensitivities, emotions and often, the family dynamics involved at such a difficult time, we guide you on all your options. We recognise every case is different and we may require evidence to be obtained from other family members and witnesses. For example, if you are looking to challenge a will on the grounds of mental incapacity of the will maker, we would need access to their medical records.

Our expert team will discuss the likely costs involved in bringing such claims and the various methods of funding available on a case-by-case basis.

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