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Child protection proceedings

A difficult and complex area of family law

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Child protection, which requires balancing the rights of parents but ensuring children are protected from significant harm, is one of the most difficult and complex areas of family law.

Where children are considered at risk of significant harm, a Local Authority can remove them from the home by obtaining a temporary order (known as an interim care order) on the grounds of concerns for their welfare. We understand how distressing the involvement of a Local Authority’s social services department can be and our objective is to help you resolve matters positively wherever possible, and ensure families have the support they need to care for their children.

What are care proceedings?

Care Proceedings are court proceedings issued by the children’s services department of the Local Authority where an application is made for a Care Order or Supervision Order relating to a child deemed to be at risk of significant harm.

We have seen time and again how upsetting and difficult such investigations can be and can help engage with social services to resolve them as effectively as possible. 

Who can attend the court hearings?

The child’s parents and anyone else who holds Parental Responsibility for the child will be a ”party to proceedings”. If you are a party to proceedings this means that you have a right to attend each court hearing and to be privy to all reports and evidence which is pertinent to the court proceedings.

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