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International Family Law

Resolving international family law disputes

International family law deals with the legal issues arising from international family relationships, including divorce, child arrangements, and financial matters. It involves understanding how the laws of different countries may impact in cross-border cases. It can be complex, and it is important to seek the advice of a specialist lawyer with experience in this area.

Receiving expert and timely advice on matters relating to international family law is crucial, particularly due to the substantial variations in outcomes across different countries. Our team of experienced international family law solicitors is dedicated to providing tailored legal advice and support to clients facing cross-border family disputes, including international divorce, the care of children, and financial settlements.

Working in your best interests

  • Our team has extensive experience in dealing with international divorce, the care of children, and relocation cases.
  • We are committed to help you achieves the best possible outcome for you and your family.
  • We can advise on matters relating to children including: orders concerning your children’s care and contact arrangements, relocation of your children and child abduction – where your child has been relocated without your consent.
  • We can also advise on areas relating to divorce and finance including: disputes over where you and your partner should get divorced, financial claims that cover multiple jurisdictions, protecting your off-shore trusts and business interests, and freezing assets to prevent them being moved to another jurisdiction.

International children law

Our team of experts provides guidance on a wide range of international child law matters. This covers areas such as international child abduction, international contact arrangements, applications for permission to relocate children permanently abroad, international surrogacy or adoption, cases involving forced marriage abroad, as well as situations concerning vulnerable or trafficked children.

Additionally, we have specialised knowledge in handling urgent situations necessitating injunctions, wardship, and invoking the inherent jurisdiction of the courts. Our team frequently handles cases with limited notice, where our experts have successfully pursued emergency remedies and protective actions, demanding a prompt response from the courts.

International family law Jones Myers Family Law Leeds Harrogate York

International family law Jones Myers Family Law

International divorce and expat divorce

Should you be contemplating divorce and either you or your partner reside, work, or possess business ventures, property, or financial holdings in countries beyond England and Wales, seeking advice and direction from an experienced international family law team is essential.

International family law services

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