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If your marriage has broken down and you are now confronted with the prospect of divorce, it is natural to experience feelings of distress and apprehension about what lies ahead. In such challenging and uncertain times, having a proficient team of family law experts by your side can provide immense support.

We understand that you may have concerns about important matters like looking after your children and the equitable division of assets. Our legal experts are dedicated to safeguarding your best interests throughout the process, taking into careful consideration your immediate and long-term needs.

Working in your best interests

  • We recognise that each situation is different and we tailor our support to your personal circumstances.
  • As Resolution members, we are committed to help separating couples achieve a constructive settlement.
  • We are prominent supporters of alternative dispute resolution (alternatives to going to court which include arbitration, mediation and collaborative divorce), striving to resolve family disputes in a non-confrontational way.
  • Our esteemed specialist Children Team can help you make vital decisions and resolve disputes affecting your children’s wellbeing, living arrangements and futures.
  • Our specialist Financial Remedies Solicitors are among the most respected in the UK.

Looking after your financial interests

We understand the financial implications that come with the division of assets and other financial matters during a divorce or separation.

Our experienced family law specialists are equipped to navigate these complexities, working diligently to achieve fair and equitable outcomes that protect your financial interests and secure a stable future. 

Looking after your children

Worries about your children’s future can also exacerbate concerns and our specialist Children Team can help you make vital decisions and resolve disputes affecting their wellbeing, living arrangements and futures.

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