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Solutions tailored to your circumstances

Providing expert advice and guiding you through the available options

Our main goal is to achieve the best possible solution for each and every client we serve. We achieve this by providing expert advice, guiding you through the available options, and offering unwavering support. Our aim is to help you avoid lengthy, stressful, and protracted court proceedings. In circumstances when going to court is a client’s only viable option, we are highly experienced in litigating in all court arenas from the Magistrate’s Court through to The Supreme Court.

Jones Myers specialist family lawyers are at the forefront of non-confrontational routes to divorce such as mediation, child inclusive mediation and collaborative family law. 

Court proceedings

Litigation in family law matters can be a necessary and effective means of resolving disputes, especially when other methods of alternative dispute resolution have been exhausted or are not appropriate for the situation. While methods like mediation and collaborative law can often foster cooperation and agreement between parties, there are instances where court intervention becomes necessary to secure a fair outcome.

One of the key advantages of litigation in family law is the ability of courts to provide urgent relief through injunctions and temporary restraining orders. These legal remedies can be crucial in situations such as domestic abuse or the need to freeze assets to prevent dissipation or unfair distribution.

At Jones Myers Family Law, our experienced solicitors understand the complexities of family court proceedings and are committed to providing tailored and robust representation to ensure positive outcomes for our clients. We recognise that litigation can be a challenging and emotionally taxing process, and our team is dedicated to guiding clients through each step of the litigation process with care and expertise.

Our in-house barrister, Andrew Fox has extensive experience of dealing with all aspects of family breakdown, whether it relates to finance or children cases. He has a wealth of experience in dealing with matrimonial finance matters where there are extensive assets – and is particularly skilled in dealing with off-shore trust structures. Andrew is equally skilled in dealing with complex children matters, including child arrangement orders and relocation cases.

Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to methods of resolving legal matters outside of traditional courtroom litigation. ADR methods are often used to promote more efficient, cost-effective, and collaborative resolution processes. Our ADR specialists include Jones Myers Partner, Nicki Mitchell, a champion and expert in non-confrontational alternatives to going to court.


Mediation provides a platform for you and your former spouse to resolve your issues and reach a settlement without the lengthy, stressful, and expensive litigation involved in going to court. It involves a trained and impartial mediator guiding you and your ex-spouse through confidential and voluntary discussions. Read more about Mediation.

Child Inclusive Mediation

Child-inclusive mediation (CIM) is a process which can enable parents to put children’s wellbeing at the heart of their break up by working together and communicating about their children’s needs to help pave a way forward. Read more about Child Inclusive Mediation.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law offers a respectful solution which is conducted privately and confidentially and puts children’s best interests first.  Here a “no court” agreement is signed at the beginning of the process which sets out a shared commitment to finding an agreed resolution. Read more about Collaborative Family Law.

“This firm built 20 or so years ago has become the county’s premier niche practice family law firm.”