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Resolving financial issues is understandably a major concern for divorcing couples. How will our assets be divided? How much income will I have? How will our children’s financial interests be best served?  We have experience handling everything from straightforward separations with minimal assets to divorce settlements involving the most complex circumstances and high value assets.

Whether your circumstances are complex or straightforward, our expertise will help you achieve the best settlement for your situation.

Working in your best interests

  • Our experts can advise you on any matters relating to financial settlements, financial consent orders, child maintenance, pensions on divorce, freezing orders and asset protection.
  • Our specialist Financial Remedies Solicitors are among the most respected in the UK – and we work for clients regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Our team has extensive experience in complex cases, including those featuring assets held through corporate or trust structures, inherited wealth and offshore assets.
  • Financial settlements can include resolving savings, pensions, property, businesses, personal items, cars and liabilities. 

Guiding you through the process

Guiding you through the divorce settlement process, our expert advice and comprehensive support will help you to make informed decisions – and achieve the financial settlement that best meets the needs of you and your children. 

Addressing your concerns

We are here to address all your concerns and questions, for example: Will we have to sell our family home? If so, how will the sale proceeds be divided and will I have enough money to buy/rent somewhere else? Will my children receive child maintenance payments and if so, how much will this be? How will other assets be divided fairly? What is the most suitable approach for handling pension assets?

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