Facilitating the constructive resolution of family disputes

Helping you avoid protracted court proceedings  

Many people mistakenly think that obtaining a divorce settlement – the final legal agreement between a husband and wife outlining the terms of the financial arrangements post-divorce – means going to court. Mediation can help separating couples find a way forward in a constructive and positive manner, prioritising children’s wellbeing and helping the long-term interests of those involved in the break up. 

What is family mediation?

Mediation provides a platform for you and your former spouse/partner to agree what happens after you separate and to avoid a lengthy, stressful, and expensive court process. Mediation can address any issues arising from relationship breakdown. A professional mediator will guide you and your former spouse/partner through the process and support you to keep control of the decisions which will affect your family for the rest of your lives.

It involves a trained and impartial mediator guiding you and your ex-spouse through confidential and voluntary discussions.

At the outset you both sign an ‘Agreement to Mediate’ to enable negotiations to continue on a ‘without prejudice’ basis. You can each appoint and retain your own solicitors who can attend the mediation discussions. You can also consult with them outside of the meetings which progress at the pace chosen by you and your ex. Agreed arrangements are approved on paper by a Judge and made legally binding. The process can be completed in as many or as few meetings as are required to reach agreed solutions.

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What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation gives you control over your divorce compared to the court process where a judge – who does not know you or your family – makes critical decisions about your finances and children. Family mediations are held in a safe, impartial and confidential environment, saving you time and money. As a more impartial and considered approach, mediation can also lessen the emotional impact of separation and divorce on children. It is appropriate for the majority of situations including the most financially complex.

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