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A pension can be one of the most substantial assets in a marriage or Civil Partnership, making it crucial to include them in the divorce settlement. Seeking expert advice early on is essential to understand your pension rights fully after divorce.

Pensions can be complex. Often, one person will hold a significant pension while the other may have little or no provision due to responsibilities, such as looking after the children. It is crucial for you and your solicitor to consider whether the pension should be shared or if an alternative asset, like the home, should be allocated instead.

What happens to a pension on divorce?

Various ways to manage pensions which are tailored to a couple’s specific circumstances include offsetting and pension-sharing.

Consulting with an experienced family solicitor such as Jones Myers is essential to assess your case and individual circumstances. This process ensures a fair and appropriate outcome after considering all pensions held by each party.

Do I have to share my pension when I divorce?

The answer is not straightforward as it depends on various factors, such as the availability of other assets, the value of your pension, your spouse’s financial holdings, and the willingness to offset other assets to retain your pension. Seeking early advice when contemplating divorce is essential to comprehend the financial implications, including those related to your pension.

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