Our skilled Leeds, Harrogate and York based specialists are adept at dealing with all aspects of children law including residence, contact, relocation, child protection, international child abduction and adoption. Jones Myers is amongst the country’s most respected family law firms.

Adopting a child is one of the happiest and most fulfilling events in life, but often the process can be challenging and lengthy. To adopt a child, you need to be over 21 years of age and to have lived in the British Isles for a year before making your application. Social Care or a voluntary adoption agency then conducts a series of assessments on you before your application goes before an adoption panel. If your application is approved, you will work closely with a social worker to find the right match. The adoption panel is required to approve a proposed match before a formal application for an Adoption Order can be made to the Court.

An adoption order cuts all ties between the child and their birth parents, giving you full parental responsibility as an approved adopter. The order ensures you as the adopted parent/s are the child’s legal parents for the rest of his or her life. It is possible to adopt the child of a spouse or relative, or, as a foster carer, adoption may prove to be the best possible outcome for the child in your care.

Adopting a child from another country is a more complicated process and can lead to a criminal offence being committed if stringent rules are not followed to the letter of the law.

How Jones Myers can help

Our team of experts is highly experienced in guiding you and your family through the complex procedure leading to the ultimate adoption of your child.

As family law specialists in this area, we are mindful of the emotional stresses you will be facing. Working with you, we will provide appropriate legal advice and support, working with the other agencies involved and you until the momentous day the Adoption Order is made.

We are also experienced in guiding and advising where you are seeking to adopt the child of a relative or spouse.

We advise not only on adoptions in the British Isles but also on international adoptions, where there are additional hurdles to overcome. Our expertise also includes advising those parents who may have adopted a child overseas only to encounter difficulties on their return to the UK.

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