March 16, 2012

Why we should celebrate mums every day of the year

By Peter Jones, Partner

What does your mum mean to you? It is Mother’s Day in the UK this Sunday and over the coming months a similar event will be celebrated across the globe. It’s only right that we should dedicate a day to mums everywhere as they play such a vital part in the upbringing of children. (So do dads, of course – and we’ll be honouring the men of the house in a later post, near to their own celebratory day.)

Whenever and wherever it is celebrated, the point of Mother’s Day is to reflect on the importance of those who nurture children – something in which we believe wholeheartedly here at Jones Myers LLP.

There’s no doubt that the best environment in which children can be raised is a stable family with both parents playing a key role in their children’s development – whether they are still living together or not. That’s why we champion the role of mediation and collaborative family law to help couples achieve an amicable solution in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Through our dedicated children’s department we see first hand the immense value to children of maintaining a quality relationship with both parents.

So how did Mother’s Day start?

In Britain Mother’s Day dates back to the 1600s when it centred around a church service on the last day of Lent to celebrate the Virgin Mary, after which children presented gifts and flowers to their mothers. In later centuries it became the convention for employers to allow servants who worked away from their home to return to their mothers, and ‘mother churches’ on this Sunday.

The tradition was falling out of favour in Britain by the early 20th Century, but was revived by the influence of American troops stationed here during the Second World War. America’s own Mother’s Day had been popularised by social campaigner Anna Jarvis to honour the role and influence of the nation’s mothers.

Many countries have since followed suit, adapting the event to suit their culture. In Sweden, for instance, Mother’s Day is in late May so that there are flowers for children to pick, and in Thailand Mother’s Day has been established on the birthday of Queen Sirikit (August 12) to celebrate the role of the royal family.

What will you be doing this Mother’s Day? Join our celebration and share a favourite memory about your mother in the comment box below.