March 21, 2017

How separated mums can avoid Mother’s Day blues

For recently divorced or separated mums Mother’s Day might be an upsetting and poignant reminder that family life has undergone substantial upheaval and change.

Whenever and wherever it is celebrated across the globe, the day is important to highlight the importance of those who nurture children. This is something we champion at Jones Myers LLP, where we advocate that children’s best interests always come first.

In the countdown to Mother’s Day, here are some tips to help make the most of the occasion:

  1.  Plan in advance, and talk to your ex. If they usually see the children on Sunday, ask them if you could swap arrangements for this week. A flexible parenting plan can go a long way to diffusing potential arguments over special days.
  2. If you are with the children on that day – and your separation is recent – avoid pressurising them to celebrate, as they may need time to come to terms with the new arrangements. A more subtle way would be to do something on the day that you will all enjoy.
  3. If you are not with your children on Mother’s Day, indulge yourself with something special to mark it – and remember the vital role you play. This could also include a group event with other single parents.
  4. To make up for not spending the day with your children, create a ‘new’ mother’s day the next time you are together – the occasion does not have to be dictated by the official calendar date.

Irrespective of what day of the year it is, the best environment for parents to raise children is when both of them play a key role in their development – whether they are still living together or not. Our dedicated Children Department witnesses the immense value to children of maintaining a quality relationship with both parents.

That is why we advocate mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law to help couples achieve an amicable solution in the event of a relationship breakdown.

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