June 23, 2017

How separated parents can take the heat out of summer holidays planning

For ex-spouses who are divorced or separated, planning a timetable to ensure their children’s break is memorable for all the right reasons can be even more challenging.

We have compiled six tips to keep stress to a minimum for you and your ex when the temperatures soar.

  1. Plan ahead: work together when booking annual leave so that you can cover as much of the school holiday dates between you as possible – and each have quality time with children. Also, agree the costs of any childcare you might need to arrange.
  2. Don’t argue: if you are struggling to come to an agreement, don’t involve your children – they don’t need to know that there are problems between you and your ex.
  3. Seek help: see if grandparents or aunts and uncles can help to look after children. Contact with extended family is good for them, so work in partnership to achieve this.
  4. Talk to your children: they need certainty and security so let them know as far in advance as possible how the summer will be spent. This will give them a chance to adjust to anything unexpected and hopefully present a scenario they can look forward to.
  5. Be reasonable: don’t use child contact as a bargaining chip as this will endanger co-operation and could reduce the amount of practical help you have.
  6. Treat yourself: while you will miss your children, make the most of any time you are apart; give yourself a treat or do something you couldn’t if they were there – and be sure not to neglect your health and wellbeing.

As a champion of non-confrontational family law, Jones Myers always encourages parents to co-operate and communicate on all arrangements for their children whose interests should always be put first. Doing so can be key to collaborative and harmonious relationships in the formative years ahead.

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