August 26, 2011

How to avoid divorce being a ‘heavy’ price to pay

Some eye-catching research carried out by a US university reveals that divorce can have a disastrous effect on previously trim waistlines and that weight gain is likely over the age of 30, following a divorce.

The study followed people from 1986 to 2008 and monitored changes in body mass index and marital status. It discovered that, although marriage too could trigger weight gain, the newly divorced were up to 22 per cent more likely to put on weight after separating from their partner.

As a divorce lawyer of many years’ standing and as part of our highly experienced family law team here at Jones Myers, we work with our clients to ensure that the separation process does not need to be an agonising and traumatic experience which will take them up the path of going to court. 

We do our utmost to reduce our clients’ stress levels by talking through with them all the options at the outset, because in our experience, making them a party to the decision making process always alleviates anxiety. The biggest worry for a client is fear of the unknown – which is why we take the time to manage their expectations and discuss the legal process and the variety of options open to them.

Our approach to relationship breakdown is to minimise the emotional and financial costs. Mediation can be a valuable first step towards a less stressful approach, and we have a expert team of accredited mediators. We find that encouraging communication between both parties often means that, with the catalyst of an impartial mediator, issues can be resolved quickly and constructively.

Jones Myers is also proud to be one of Yorkshire’s pioneering firms in the movement towards collaborative law which is driving forward a more amicable way for couples to part. Collaborative family law (CFL) enables clients and their lawyers to take a level-headed view of the situation and agreement is reached at the beginning of the divorce process to resolve issues and achieve an amicable settlement without the stress of going to court. In CFL we work with life coaches who can help to manage the life-changing effects of divorce on families, friends and even employment.

We pride ourselves on our caring approach and always treat our clients as individuals. At Jones Myers we know that every relationship breakdown is tough, but our team of divorce experts will always do all they can to ease the stress of separation for you and your family and guide you towards resolution. For more information, or to share your thoughts, contact us here.