December 22, 2015

Jones Myers family law expertise showcased on BBC phone in

Topics including how divorced couples can make Christmas special for children, DIY divorces and pre-nup agreements were among key issues that our family law specialist Norman Taylor advised on in a BBC Radio Leeds phone in.

Norman – a family lawyer with enormous experience involving financial issues arising from family and relationship breakdown and praised by Chambers as “very collaborative” and having “really good empathy with clients” – was invited onto the programme hosted by popular broadcaster and interviewer Richard Stead.

The session started with how estranged couples and grandparents and extended family members can best survive Christmas and make it magical for children. Reinforcing the Jones Myers ethos of always putting children first, Norman’s advice included how divorced couples can make Boxing Day another Christmas Day so children enjoy Christmas with both parents. For more tips on how to put children first this Christmas, visit our blog.

January ‘divorce D-Day’ – a day in the annual calendar when couples allegedly race to family lawyers for a divorce, also came up. With January 7 forecast as the day for 2016, Norman said the divorce rush is a myth in his experience – stressing how relationship breakdowns are not ‘seasonal’ and can happen any time. He also acknowledged how the festive season places additional financial strain on relationships with some families spending more money than they can afford.

With Christmas being a popular time for marriage proposals, the programme covered whether pre-nups can dampen romance, Norman explained how these agreements are no longer the preserve of the rich and famous – and how important they can be in situations such as couples marrying for the second time.

Norman also stressed that, although pre-nups are not currently legally binding in England and Wales (although the law may change), a carefully thought through and “fair” agreement, drawn up with independent advice, is quite likely to be upheld by a court.  We’ve also previously blogged on how pre-nups are also more likely to be accepted by a divorce judge if they were agreed well in advance of a marriage – and if there is no implication that one party was coerced into signing it.

On the topic of DIY divorce, Norman likened it to someone trying to mend their own broken leg without medical advice and advocated steering away from it and obtaining expert advice.

You can listen back to the programme on Radio Leeds if you missed it live. Our team at Jones Myers would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends a wonderful festive season and a very happy and harmonious 2016.