January 3, 2022

Jones Myers Partner achieves child inclusive mediation accreditation

Jones Myers is delighted to start the New Year with the news that Partner, Nicki Mitchell, has further boosted her extensive expertise in mediation by becoming a qualified Child-inclusive mediator.

A qualified family law mediator since 2015, Nicki is among a handful of mediators in Yorkshire to achieve the CIM accreditation which enables her to meet with children whose parents have separated, and hear what they want for the future.   

As York’s first qualified collaborative family lawyer who Heads Jones Myers York office, Nicki is at the forefront of processes such as mediation and collaboration which avoid a lengthy court process and seek to put children’s best interests first.  

As a Child-inclusive mediator, Nicki will firstly see both parents who are required to give their permission for her to meet with their children on their own. The process usually involves children aged 10 or over, although younger children can be involved with their older siblings.

Once parents have consented, Nicki will make initial contact with the children to explain what the conversation would involve and ask them if they would like to do it. They are not asked to make choices or decisions about their personal situations.  

If the children wish, they can ask Nicki to feed back to their parents.  However, they are under no obligation to do so.  There is a large volume of research which tells us that the conversation is beneficial for the children even if they do not want anything passed back.

David Massey, Admin Manager for the Family Mediators Association which awarded Nicki the accreditation, said: “Enormous congratulations to Nicki on furthering her mediation skills in this vital area. In our experience all parents find child-inclusive mediation very valuable at a time when they face difficult emotional, practical, legal and financial decisions. It helps them to focus on the important issues and work towards an agreed final settlement, central to which is continuing to meet their children’s needs even though their relationship has ended.”

For queries on Child-inclusive mediation, contact Nicki Mitchell on 01904 202550 or email nicki.mitchell@jonesmyers.co.uk   

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For more information on National Family Mediation, visit https://www.nfm.org.uk/nfm-direct/child-inclusive-mediation/