August 27, 2014

Should you stay friends with your ex post divorce?

Prince Andrew has revealed that he remained friends with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson for the sake of their family – and to do otherwise would be “illogical”.

The Duke and Duchess of York, who divorced in 1996 after 10 years of marriage, have always said that they are the “world’s happiest unmarried couple”. In a new interview with US satellite TV channel CNBC, the 54-year-old prince describes their divorce as “part of life’s rich tapestry”.

He told the Sunday Times: “I just see it as illogical not to be a friend at the end of the day, regardless of what your circumstances are.”

The couple have never made any secret of their amicable relationship. In fact, the Duchess lives at her former husband’s home in Windsor and together they have brought up their daughters Princesses Beatrice, 26, and Eugenie, 24. Sarah was even invited to the royal estate in Balmoral this summer.

It’s not often that the lifestyle of a royal is something that the rest of the population can emulate. However, the pragmatic and tolerant approach taken by the Duke and Duchess of York is one that can be applauded and adopted by very many couples going through separation and divorce, if the children’s interests take priority over those of the parents.

Have you managed to stay friends with your ex for the sake of your children?

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