December 14, 2023

Santa comes twice – a festive solution for separated parents

The festive season is a stressful period for parents juggling busy work schedules, school events and additional commitments – not to mention the financial pressures that Christmas brings.

Separated parents face additional challenges of trying to ensure the holiday is magical and memorable for their children, whose interests should always come first.

Children love Christmas and all that comes with it. Sadly, their enjoyment can be easily derailed by allowing friction with a separated parent to spill into the Christmas celebrations and tainting what should be a happy time.

At this time of year a spirit of co-operation, communication and compromise is needed more than ever for parents to work together.   

Inevitably there will be families doing hand overs on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day, at service stations, car parks and at various addresses up and down the country.

If you are in this situation, irrespective of the challenges you encounter including stress, bad driving conditions, or reluctant children (who find moving from one parent to another difficult, not that they don’t want to go) – try to keep things calm.

Plan you journey to avoid rushing and allow time, while making  the trip as fun as possible. Try to avoid showing your frustration or ill feeling when the hand over takes place.

Children of separated parents have it hard in many ways – so why not turn the situation on its head?

Christmas celebrations can take place at any time over the holiday to make them special for children –  so why not make the magic of Christmas happen twice with Santa making two appearances with his presents?     

Achieving this requires meticulous organising, allowing time to consider each other’s expectations and plans. It is also advisable to have a back-up plan in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. 

Children need certainty and security – so let them know as far in advance as possible that they will have two Christmases, giving them time to get used to the idea and look forward to it with excitement.  

This spirit of peace and goodwill through considerate co-parenting can positively impact on your children’s happiness and wellbeing as they carry their cherished memories into the New Year.   

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