June 28, 2018

Steps to overcome the fear of loneliness when divorcing

An increased focus on loneliness has revealed that chronic loneliness can be a bigger health threat than obesity.

When relating to divorce it is not uncommon for people who feel isolated in a bad marriage or relationship to remain trapped there – because they are more afraid of being single and alone forever.

As a niche family law firm which adopts a holistic approach to assist the well-being of our clients, we understand that divorce and separation feel socially and emotionally cut off.

Staying in a loveless, unfulfilling relationship is the worst scenario – even when children are involved because you are subjecting them to your tensions and unhappiness. Putting their best interests first and adopting a spirit of cooperation to ensure their future wellbeing is the best course of action.

Looking after yourself is vital following separation and divorce – here are some steps to help keep your world on an even keel:

Get a Social life: Interacting with family and friends who can provide support, empathy and practical advice to plan ahead stimulates conversations and positive vibes.

Take a weekend break: Visit family and friends who live away. A change of scenery overnight or a drive to the coast and a long walk on a beach boosts well-being.

Exercise and activity: A daily half hour walk can do wonders for your outlook and sense of positivity. It is not always necessary to exhaust yourself at the gym.

Make new friends: Think about hobbies you enjoy but have maybe neglected. Join clubs or associations such as walking, cycling, sailing, photography, a choir, amateur dramatics, dancing.

Eat well: A healthy diet provides the nutrients needed for energy, healthy metabolic rate and a robust immune system. The rewards of shopping and cooking outweigh the effort involved.

Sleep: Get seven or eight hours a night quality sleep. An hour before midnight is worth two afterwards.

Manage alcohol intake: Over-indulging in alcohol will exacerbate, not alleviate, a bad situation, so stick to moderate social drinking.

While we recognise how difficult it can be to face the “brave new world” and find the energy and enthusiasm to rebuild your life, when you come out the other side you will reflect how investing in yourself was worth everything to achieve a better, brighter and more settled future.

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