June 15, 2012

How to resolve relationship challenges in a civilised manner

When the cracks start to appear in relationships and a break up is inevitable, Jones Myers LLP champions collaborative family law (CFL) as a more sensible and civilised process to avoid the trauma of court proceedings.

On June 21 the Leeds Collaborative Family Law Group  comprising like minded and experienced family lawyers with a wealth of expertise in separation, divorce, children and finance is hosting an interactive event at the Carriageworks in Leeds at 5pm to explain more about the collaborative family law process and its wide-ranging benefits.

Jones Myers partner Fiona Kendall who qualified as a collaborative lawyer in 2005 and has been dual-qualified in Scots and English law for over a decade, says the presentation will be highly informative – outlining the difference between court proceedings, mediation and the collaborative process.

Says Fiona: “Originating in the US, collaborative family law aims to resolve matters amicably and avoid cases going through the anguish and trauma of court. Helping couples to work out the financial consequences of a relationship breakdown as smoothly as possible, the process entails both parties and their lawyers working together face-to-face with additional professional advisers such as accountants and counsellors on hand when necessary.  The process can be equally valuable when negotiating pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements.

“Our Leeds event will highlight the numerous advantages over the more traditional and adversarial route. Both parties take personal responsibility to agree a face-to-face solution without having decisions forced on them.”

Numbers for the event are limited. Please contact Fiona Kendall if you are interested in attending.  There will also be an opportunity to network and a business card draw will be held for a case of wine.

Jones Myers LLP and fellow law firms involved in the Leeds Collaborative Family Law Group are also members of Resolution – formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association. Resolution aims to avoid divorce or separation becoming a ‘contest’ with ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ and to achieve a fair outcome by putting children first and fostering a working relationship between clients and solicitors.

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