May 20, 2016

Why ‘boomerang’ divorcees need a wider support network

The news that over seven million divorced or separated adults in the UK have moved back in with their parents because they can’t afford to live on their own emphasises the need for a wider support network outside of their immediate family.

Unlike the ‘boomerang generation’, who return to the family home not long after flying the nest, ‘doomerangers’ are fully-grown adults – often with children of their own – who find sky-high rents or mortgage costs unattainable.

While few of us would actively choose to return to our parents after living independently, the emotional support and good advice of family and friends at a time of crisis can be invaluable.

The results of a survey have revealed that 25% of doomerangers who moved back with mum and dad after a bad-break up said they needed distance or independence from their ex-partner. The findings also highlighted that men are more likely than women to go through the humbling experience of becoming a doomeranger after a divorce or separation.

In such circumstances it is vital that a wider support network for doomerangers includes experienced family lawyers, who can enlist the support of other agencies to ensure that the divorce process is as painless as possible and help them to map out their future.

At Jones Myers, we work with accredited counsellors, relationship coaches and financial advisors to help couples manage their emotions. Of equal importance is considering in detail the practical outcome and consequent expense of settlement terms. Finding a solution which is realistic and financially suitable for couples often can avoid the need to return to a parents’ home.  We are committed to looking at the complete picture and how it will impact on the family in the future.

As Resolution-accredited lawyers, our family specialists always recommend the most appropriate constructive, cost-effective and least painful route to finding a financial solution –among the other options are arbitration and mediation.

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